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COVID Safety Measures at Our Clinic

Dear patients, you can see below the sterilization measures we have taken for your safety, which will be valid during the Covid pandemic.

1. We have replaced the disinfectant agent (Hypochlorous Acid-based) that we used for disinfection at our clinic with a new solution that has no harm to human health while having a lethal effect on viruses and bacteria.
2. We apply fogging disinfectants, in such a way as to destroy airborne viruses, as well.
3. Our patient rooms are constantly ventilated through large windows allowing for fresh air circulation.
4. In the patient rooms, we disinfect not only our tools, but also the air by applying fogging disinfectants.
5. We accept only two patients at a time, ensuring that only one patient waits at the waiting room of our clinic.
6. We request our patients to come to our clinic alone, without accompaniment if not necessary.
7. We have taken away all the paper printed magazines from our waiting room because they increase the risk of contamination.
8. We give masks to all of our patients entering our clinic, for their use at the clinic.
9. At our fully digital clinic, we use 3-D intraoral scanners to measure size, and save our patients’ data via iPads, avoiding procedures that may cause contact with papers.
10. We have placed a transparent screen in front of our reception counter to prevent your contact.
11. At the entrance of our clinic, we always keep hand sanitizers available for use by our patients.
12. We measure the temperature of our patients before they enter our clinic.
13. All of our employees work with highly protective equipment in areas where required.

Although in this process we’ve been depriving you of our coffee that we know you love so much, you can be sure that we will make up for it in the future.

We wish you healthy days
Caner Balta Orthodontics Clinic

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