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Orthodontic Treatment for Everyone

Classical Orthodontic Treatment

A classic that is the solution to all misalignment and malocclusion problems. If you want, you can color it any way you want!

Jaw Joint Treatments

Non-Surgical Maxillary Expansion

We want our patients that treated with orthodontic treatment to get a beautiful smile at the end of treatment; however, our main desire is to ensure a proper occlusion relationship that will allow our patients to live healthy for a long time.

For Children with Very Busy Schedule

Lingual Orthodontics

Yes, teeth that cannot be brushed well when they have braces can decay more easily. So, can we perform the Invisalign procedure on our children to make it easier for them to brush their teeth and reduce the possibility of caries? Absolutely, yes! Thanks to the advantages offered by Invisalign, it is also possible to check how long your children use their plaques or whether they have interrupted the treatment. Even when they can easily brush their teeth.

Less Visible Braces, More Smiles

Invisalign (Orthodontic Treatment with Transparent Plaques)

Invisalign treatment ensures your teeth to line up well, using a series of almost invisible, transparent plaques, which are removable and comfortable aligners. During your treatment, it allows you to smile as easily and comfortably as you do after the treatment. Transparent Invisalign plaques produced with 3D computer technology offer a treatment option that has a proven effect in the treatment of many problems.

Pediatric Orthodontic Treatment

How about keeping the dental braces completely out of the game? Thanks to this fully innovative, high-tech treatment method, you no longer need to carry braces on your teeth; instead, while you enjoy a brace-free treatment while these transparent plaques gently put your teeth back in place. Let’s keep your treatment between us!

Digital Orthodontics

Thanks to new digital technologies, we can share the three-dimensional smile design of our patients with them at their first appointment. Based on these technologies, we use the digital models of our patients obtained as a result of a few minutes of intra-oral scanning, instead of the measurements and models that we used to use in orthodontic treatments.

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