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Accelerated Orthodontic Treatments

The most discouraging part of teeth alignment with orthodontic treatments is long treatment periods. Are you in a hurry for a special date or have you ever postponed an orthodontic treatment due to treatment time? Now you can enjoy great results in a short time.

We can move the teeth faster, using advanced techniques that accelerate bone formation. With new technologies, it is now possible to shorten the time of orthodontic treatments by 35-50%.*

We can enable your body to recover faster and your teeth to move faster, thanks to the micro-perforation technique that involves procedures to be performed in five minutes in the mouth in the same session.

Whether you are being treated with braces or Invisalign; we can make your teeth move faster and your occlusion recover faster using these new methods. With accelerated orthodontic treatment, you can get your new smile faster.

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