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Lingual Orthodontics

Don’t you want anybody to notice your braces while your teeth get aligned? We can hide everything with lingual orthodontic treatment. In lingual orthodontic treatment, your braces are attached to inside surface of your teeth (i.e. on the lingual side) and positioned in such a way that they cannot be seen from the outside. In lingual treatment, wires and brackets are produced specially and exclusively for you, with 3-dimensional digital measurement. After the braces and braces are attached to your teeth, you can continue to smile, hiding that you are being treated.

With Lingual orthodontic treatment, all your orthodontic problems can be solved. The wires and brackets used in this system are produced exclusively for the teeth and problem of our patient, in such a way as to be used throughout the treatment. Thanks to this special technology, the braces are planned so that they cause minimum irritation on the tongue and become harmonious as much as possible.

Treatments are concluded in durations close to that of conventional orthodontic treatments. Lingual orthodontic treatments have been used as one of the orthodontic treatment procedures for decades, and have evolved to become more applicable with the developing technology.

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